I dreamt of a life

Beside the ocean, immersed in a culture that respected Nature, merging with the “flow” of life. So, I did it! I took off to Indonesia where I became inspired by the wonderfully creative culture and began to experience a new sense of energy, gratitude and connection with people and nature. On an adventure to Hawaii I explored vintage clothing stores and discovered shirts that expressed this new spirit. This I was told, was the spirit of “Aloha”. I returned to Bali inspired by the thought that clothes could actually help express this spirit it . I’m now loving exploring and creating ideas with the local artists and designers. With purpose, I’m rolling with Green Rock.


Unlike ‘fast’ disposable fashion that lasts one season and rapidly becomes rubbish, Green Rock is designed to become favourites getting even more comfortable as the years go by, like a good friend. I call this slow fashion. Comfort is my first priority, with quality and fit enhanced by the look and vibe of the garment always relevant and collectable. Remembering the Good times, looking good, feeling chilled. Sharing the Aloha.

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"The Finnster" in his matching 🍍 Birthday outfit: shirts and shorts.
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